We are more than a digital marketing & media agency. We live & breathe creativity, success and results are our product, this is a conglomerate aimed for long term mutual profit for our stakeholders, community and clients. Welcome to the pack. 
Backoffice Operations
Emergency Recalls

In many cases Group Speeddog can help with starting small business. 

From setting up an online presence with website creation, social media and branding to local compliance, Group Speeddog leads the pack with a consultative low cost approach.

Information Technology

Networking and enabling your sales team, small office and creating the infrastructure setting up your success is critical. So, if your sales force is at home, or on the road, you need options that allow you to thrive.

Rapid response technical support is also available.

Online Media

If I was able to inform you that there is a way for your product or service to represent itself all day and all night - online with no paying for spots. You can tell the story of your business. Ask us how.

Human Resources

From human resources advertising, sourcing, marketing, screening, to payroll processing, Group Speeddog and its network of support can offer you real solutions that fit a budget.

Human Resources
Social Media


Who are you? Easy to ask, not always easy to define. Your brand could be different based on demographics. Advertising, Marketing, buying, social media demographics, business cards.

Demonstration Days, Be the face of a brand. Add value to a shopping experience.

Crisis Management

Supply chain management is key when defective products are paced into the critical infrastructure, People make mistakes and how the problem is solved can improve your brand or destroy it.

Online Media



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